Guaranteed Employment – Types of Fraud

Guaranteed Employment – Types of Fraud

October 10, 2020 0 By Robert

Many job seekers believe in such a common myth as guaranteed employment. Supposedly, you can simply pay money to an agency or an individual specialist, and they will quickly provide you with a new job. In fact, nothing is so simple, and in this case, you risk simply parting with your money, without receiving anything. In this article, we will explain why guaranteed employment does not exist, what dishonest schemes are used in the labor market, and what services you can use to make your job search more efficient.

Job Trading

For a fee, you may be promised an exclusive list of vacancies in top companies. When you start calling employers, it turns out that either the vacancy was closed three years ago, or such an enterprise does not exist at all.

Here you need to understand the following point: in principle, there are no closed bases of vacancies for the elite. Firstly, it is unprofitable for an employer to leave a vacancy open for a long time, so there is no point in placing it in a mythical “hidden” base and waiting for special people. Secondly, the employer wants to find a candidate who best suits his vacancy, and therefore he will use all the possibilities of finding such an employee.

It happens that a vacancy is not published in the public domain, because a vacant position implies a fairly high position in the company. In such cases, companies turn to well-known recruiting agencies to find a candidate. In turn, recruiters of the recruitment agency begin an active search for a new employee without posting the vacancy on job search sites or social networks.

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Please note: this is not a closed database of vacancies! It’s just one form of employee search. To get considered by such recruiters, it is important to post your resume on job search sites, as well as send it to recruitment agencies. They can consider you for the vacancies that they have in their work. At the same time, there are not so many recruiting agencies where serious companies apply.

To be noticed, you must have a professional resume, and, which is important in modern job search, attach a cover letter that shows your interest in the position.

There are also agencies for job seekers (for example, our agency) that provide services for the selection of vacancies from open sources (to save time for you). Those. the search, selection of vacancies, their coordination with you, and the sending of responses are carried out. This is an honest and understandable service (if you yourself do not want, cannot, or do not understand how to search for vacancies correctly, you can trust the professionals), but it does not guarantee employment at all, but only promotes it.

Trading positions (“I have my own person there”)

Most often, the sale of posts turns out to be a typical fraud: you pay money, and the middleman disappears along with them and their promises.

There is another possible outcome: you, again, pay the so-called. “Insider” (a person in the company who, as he himself claims, influences decision-makers), and he advises you to the head of the company. Does this guarantee employment? No, you will still be considered on an equal footing with other candidates. After all, the employer is interested in choosing the best specialist, and not taking your word for it that you are a capable and qualified employee. Perhaps, thanks to such a recommendation, you will be considered first, but this will not increase your chances of finding a job. The position will still go to the most qualified candidate.

And most importantly: you should be well known because they vouch for you. And how can you know a person well just based on what you paid him? If someone from the company’s employees influences the management, then he must be confident in you, otherwise, it may cost him his position, and in some cases may lead to prosecution. Only those who know and trust you very well can take such a risk. For example, your relatives or friends. You can and should search for work through them. But you shouldn’t pay an unfamiliar intermediary for “advising” you, because, in the conditions of a large number of job seekers and an established recruitment system, such connections do not solve anything and will not give you any special advantages.

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There are also such rare situations when for a bribe you can really be taken to the company (with the collusion of the head of the department and the intermediary) It’s just not clear how long you can work in such a company, because a new candidate may come with an even larger bribe. And the use of such a fraud scheme speaks volumes about the reputation of the company, about how things are done there. And if the owner finds out about this, then all the participants in this crime can face a real term in prison. Therefore, we do not recommend using such methods.

And, even if you are not afraid of the possible prospects of staying in places not so distant, understand one simple thing: it is impossible to have such people everywhere. That is, no specialist, no agency can have connections in all companies, even the largest ones. You can personally try, through acquaintances, friends, or your business connections, to find a person within the company who, in collusion with the manager, will be ready to arrange for you, but this is certainly not done through any job search specialist or recruitment agency. And we repeat once again: all this is illegal and even very expensive (we are talking about several salaries of top positions, i.e. the amount of a bribe can reach several million rubles).

As for recruitment agencies, they have connections only with those companies that have ordered a search for a specialist from them, whose vacancies are currently in work. But, as already mentioned, you just need to send a professional resume by attaching a cover letter to these agencies for your candidacy to be considered.

If you hope that recruitment agencies will “promote” you for some money, then in fact they do not influence decision-makers (this company pays a recruiting agency to find the best one). And if it turns out that instead of looking for a good candidate for a bribe, a certain applicant is promoted, then no one else will work with such an agency. Serious recruiters will never take this risk. It is easier for them to get 15% of the annual salary of a found candidate (the standard amount of remuneration for a found person) than to risk their reputation.

Do not be influenced by scammers. Nobody has and cannot have any “own people” in the companies. At best, you will lose money, and at worst, you will face criminal prosecution.

Focus on results

As a rule, companies that offer guaranteed getting a job to promise their clients a specific result – employment. You pay a certain amount of advance payment (this always happens, no one will start working for free) and wait for a call with good news. And at this stage, no one guarantees you that the service is provided with high quality and in full. Or, in the end, you will be told that employment is not working (you will simply be told all the time that the process is progressing slowly, because they will take the money and feed them “breakfasts”), or the result will be the same that you could achieve yourself by simply posting your resume on job search sites. With the difference that in this case you also paid a lot of money for a minimum of actions on the part of “specialists”.

This happens because the client pays for the “result” – that is, no one promises you that high-quality work will be done for the sake of this very result, you cannot control the company’s actions. Therefore, some of these pseudo-specialists may do minimal actions for the sake of appearance, but they will not take any real measures for your promotion. After all, it is much more profitable for them to promise any guarantees, take money from 10-20-50 gullible applicants, and then say that “there is no result yet” than to make real efforts for your employment. And if nevertheless, there will be a result from the fact that your resume is simply placed somewhere, then you will also be required to receive full remuneration (usually this is 80% of the salary for the so-called “guaranteed employment”).

Another development scenario: You are promised a job if you follow all the agency’s recommendations. If there is no result, there will allegedly be a refund. In fact, you may be informed that you have not fulfilled some of the conditions and are to blame for the lack of a result.

When you see such terms of cooperation, remember that this is a big risk and that no one can guarantee you quick and successful employment.

Common petty fraud schemes

Above, we have described three classic fraudulent schemes used by pseudo-consultants, offering job seekers guaranteed employment. But there are also many cases of petty fraud when you are promised a job, but in reality, they are fraudulently extorting money.

Paid calls and messages

This type of petty fraud has one goal – to write off a certain amount from your mobile account. There are many options for the development of events, one of them: you receive a letter, according to which guaranteed employment awaits you in a prestigious company. But first, you need to register on the site and send an SMS or make a call (they are, of course, paid).

Mandatory paid procedure

When employed, you may be given a condition: to buy something and then get the opportunity to work in the company. This can be paid insurance, passing a medical examination, testing, a fee for paperwork, issuing equipment on security, and the like. After the purchase, the scammers, of course, disappear.

If it comes to work abroad, you may be offered to transfer money for a visa.

Employment through recruiting agencies

To work with a recruiting agency, it’s important to understand how honest recruiting generally works. This, again, is not guaranteed employment. Your candidacy will be considered by employers on an equal basis with others, and will eventually choose the best.

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The employer sends a request to the recruiting agency to fill a certain vacancy. In this case, recruiters are interested in selecting the most suitable candidates to get their percentage of the employee’s salary and so that they do not have to look for a replacement for free in case of failure. Only the most qualified people who meet the employer’s requests are selected.

First of all, they offer those specialists who are in the database, that is, those who sent their resumes to the agency. But what’s important: the services of a recruiting agency for job seekers are free. If you are required to pay, it is illegal and does not guarantee you the result at all. The employer will still demand from the agency a complete list of candidates, among whom he will select himself. Plus, as we said, promoting a certain job seeker can cost the agency its reputation.

Thus, if you do not have enough skills and experience for a given position, you will not get a job for any money. And having the necessary competencies, you all the more do not need such tricks.

What you can pay for

There are many jobseeker services in the job market that are legal and helpful. What is not a scam and can help you find a job:

Writing a resume and cover letter.

A competent and effective resume with a cover letter will allow you to present your candidacy in the most favorable light already at the first “acquaintance” with the recruiter. You have every right not to draw up these documents yourself, but to contact career specialists.

Career counseling.

This service will allow you to determine the vector of your career development, understand your strengths and weaknesses as a specialist, and study the labor market. With a career consultant, you can develop a clear plan of action to achieve your goal, define a strategy and effective job search channels.

Selection of vacancies.

Unlike the so-called sale of vacancies, in this case, specialists are looking for suitable offers from open sources, and if necessary, respond to them on your behalf. This is a completely legal service designed to save the applicant’s time.

Preparing for the interview.

Qualified assistance in preparing for an interview includes analysis of frequently asked interview questions, assistance in developing a self-presentation, working on your weak points.


What should alert you when looking for a job so as not to stumble upon scammers:

  1. If you are promised 100% guaranteed employment.
  2. If you are offered to buy a “closed” database of vacancies.
  3. If they want to “advise” you to an employer for a fee.
  4. If you are asked to send an SMS or make a call.
  5. If you have to pay a fee or buy something before employment.
  6. If a recruiting agency asks you to pay for “promoting” your candidacy.

It is important to understand: if the employer does not need you, no one will force him to hire you, no matter how much you pay. Therefore, do not look for such easy ways. If you want to make your job search easier, consulting services, resume writing, preparing for an interview, and selecting vacancies can help. But the result will still depend only on you.