How to change profession

How to change profession

November 20, 2020 0 By Robert

If you are thinking about changing your profession, you are not alone. At the same time, everyone will have their own reasons: an increase in the possible level of income or professional status, a desire for professional development, etc. And although the change of profession is in many ways a natural process, it is often perceived as a complete failure in the current professional field. And changing your profession is not so easy. Therefore, this decision must be taken carefully.

How to do it?

Understand what does not suit you

Sometimes we are not satisfied with something at the current place of work. We may not like the manager, colleagues, the company itself, the content of the work, etc. Is this a reason to change your profession? I think not.

Therefore, first of all, it is important to understand what does not suit you now.

Find out what you want from work

Do not rush to quit when faced with difficulties. Sometimes it takes some time to figure out what we want from work. Write down: 1) what is important to you in your work; 2) what should not be there; 3) what is missing now. If self-analysis does not work, specialists such as a career coach or consultant will help you.

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Study the labor market

Before taking action, study the labor market. Where will your competencies be in demand? What is important for employers? What is the average salary level?

Your expectations may differ significantly from the real state of affairs. Be prepared for the fact that you will need additional resources to change your profession – most often this is time to master new skills and invest in education.

Invest in yourself

Determine what knowledge and skills you need to get started. Create a workplace development plan and find suitable training programs. There is no need to chase after a second higher education, refresher courses are also quite suitable. Besides, during your studies, you will finally decide whether you need a new profession.

Prepare airbag

Changing careers usually negatively impact income levels. The first working year in a new profession will be financially difficult, so it is better to accumulate a safety cushion to compensate for the difference in wages. It is also worth considering the necessary investment in training and income for the period while you are looking for a job.

Make a new resume

Don’t discard your previous experience. Be creative in describing your experience, there must have been something useful for a new profession. Combine your competencies and back them up with achievements from past jobs. This suggests that you strive to see the result of your work.

Prepare for your interview

Change of profession will definitely raise questions from employers. Be prepared that at the interview you will be asked about the reasons for leaving your last job and the desire to change your profession. It is important to reveal your motivation and interest in a new profession. And to explain that leaving the company is connected precisely with the desire to develop in a new professional field.

It is possible to change profession. The main thing is that these changes are good for you.