How to find yourself

How to find yourself

December 5, 2020 0 By Robert

Every person at least once in his life asked questions: “How to define your life’s work? How to choose your profession? How to find yourself?” Sometimes the answer comes by itself, from the experience and hobbies available, sometimes the right answer appears after a lot of trial and error, and sometimes it doesn’t come at all. Why is it so difficult for us to choose and how to deal with the difficulties that have arisen, who to turn to, and how to analyze ourselves and our skills? Today we will try to help you get an answer to at least one of the above questions.

Why is it hard to find yourself?

We live in the heyday of information accessibility – the developed Internet and telecommunications provide a huge number of advantages that were not even ten years ago. It becomes easier to search for a job – there are a huge number of sites on which active vacancies are posted. You can contact a jobseeker agency that offers unique jobs. You can also improve your skills and your horizons by taking courses and watching video lessons. It would seem that everything is so simple and uncomplicated, but why can’t people find their profession anyway?

It’s not just about “technical” capabilities. Human psychology plays an important role. Unfortunately, at school age, few people were taught to choose a profession to their liking – both from teachers and from parents, almost every student heard that it is important to pass exams and enter a university, and which one is, it turns out, is not the most important question (and according to statisticians, 26% of people work in a specialty other than the one they studied at the university). And the choice of professions is even more difficult.

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From an early age, we are taught stability, they talk mainly about “ossified” professions. Perhaps they are really reliable (good salary, comfortable working conditions), but they are no longer relevant. Modern schoolchildren have probably heard about a huge number of new professions in which you can integrate your own skills. As an example, experience in drawing may be required not only for a “simple” artist, but also for an architect, digital artist (creates logos, emblems, and other design elements of companies), and – surprisingly! – even for a forensic scientist who creates portraits of suspects. But rarely will any school or teacher tell about such a student, and children will be taught from childhood to choose what is “reliable, profitable and time-tested”.

But many “professions of the future” are already real, and you can become an excellent specialist in them. But in such matters, one should not rely on primary education. You should study this issue yourself.

How to look for your own business?

The choice of the profession often inspires fear – we are used to living the way we understand, conveniently and calmly, but in the modern world, which develops and changes every day, this is almost impossible. And often such fears lead to burnout and powerlessness – it is difficult for a person to see the whole boundless horizon of possibilities and understand where to strive. Sometimes, to solve such problems, it is really worth resorting to the help of specialists, engaging in career guidance – a system of events that are aimed at preparing for a profession, and getting opinions and advice from knowledgeable people, to understand in which direction to move and what to focus on.

You can turn to the “psychological” techniques that many coaches advise – imagine that you have the amount of money you need, housing, all the conditions for a comfortable life. What will you do then? What will you do? It is worth pondering this question exactly until the moment when the answer to it begins to cause a desire to act in the direction received. You can remember childhood, hobbies that caused joy, and try to integrate them into your future profession. Also, as many successful people say, you can devote very little time to a certain activity every day – about 15-20 minutes – and then, after a few months, one way or another you will achieve some, albeit not the greatest, results.

The most important thing is to understand yourself and understand that the right to choose is always there, and even if the profession is not chosen at all, it is never too late to change it, although it is laborious and psychologically difficult.

Take courses, study yourself, assess your temperament and understand at least what you want. After all, you need to start small.

First Steps

It’s worth starting with the realization that not everything can work out the first time. Before hiring a dream job, there may be more than one interview, but the job that you have dreamed of all your life, and in general it may turn out to be a failure and inappropriate specialty.

The reality is that when looking for a profession, you should never look through rose-colored glasses.

How to Find Yourself

A sober assessment of your abilities, future specialty, and available vacancies is required. It is also important to write a competent resume describing all the available experience and competencies. Dreaming and hoping for an easy outcome of events is not worth it, you need to be ready to improve, develop, take courses and in every possible way pump yourself and your skills. Fear is natural, it is a reflection of our experiences. Once you step over yourself and overcome it, and then it will become much easier.

As Stephen King said: “The worst thing is just before the start, it can only get better.”

Success stories

The author of world-famous horror films is mentioned for a reason, his life was also difficult and thorny – a poor childhood, low-paying job, an unprofitable hobby, and the first book that no publishing house wanted to publish. And the aspiring writer dropped his hands, throwing away the manuscript. We would never have known who Stephen King as if it had not been for his wife, who helped allay her husband’s fears and certify him of the book’s success. After a short time, a publishing house was found that happily published the novel and paid an excellent fee to the writer. This is a really telling example of how fears and failures can break a person and how you need to find strength and fight them back.

A similar situation happened in J.K. Rowling’s writing life – if she once dropped her hands, the world would not know about the Harry Potter universe, which has become truly cult.

Bodybuilder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, well-known to everyone, has an interesting life path – having a skinny physique, he fired up the idea of ​​becoming a weightlifter after seeing the performance of a Russian athlete. Since then, he trained hard, and after a few years, he began to win competitions in weightlifting.

Harrison Ford, known for the roles of Han Solo and Indiana Jones, worked as a carpenter until the age of 30 to somehow provide for his family. Once he was collecting a closet at home. The customer was George Lucas, who offered the man a supporting role in the movie. Several years later, the actor played one of the most famous roles in the Star Wars universe.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that could define our calling. There is no single way of action and solution to emerging problems. There is only trial and error that is unique to everyone. And you definitely need to go through it. Yes, the process can be long and difficult, but after it, you can really understand what you want to do.

Useful literature

  • The book “What to Dream About” by Barbara Sher can be a good helper for studying yourself and thinking about the matter of life. This is a very positive book, giving reasons for thinking about what we want and what we like, and an impetus for introspection and the beginning of active actions to find ourselves. By the way, the writer has several more books with similar ideas.
  • Also, everyone who is in an active search for themselves and their business can be helped by the book “Kindle the Fire!” by Danielle Laporte, who will talk about eradicating harmful and burdensome attitudes, will help you understand how to deal with your fears and fears about the future, and instill confidence in your strengths, talents, and abilities.
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey is a great companion on the road to success. It will help you understand that everyone can be the best version of themselves. Also, this reading matter will help you to correctly determine your goals and even tell you how to pave the way to them. Yes, the book will not give magical changes immediately after reading, but the “spiritual toolkit” will replenish.
  • In search of your own path, you can read not only non-fiction and collections of advice but also autobiographies. The world-famous autobiography of Richard Branson “To hell with it! Take it and do it! ” tells a real-life story. In it, the entrepreneur told what difficulties he went through, what he was guided by on the way to his dream, and what efforts he made. The main idea of ​​the book is not to wait for the moment but to act here and now.
  • Autobiography lovers may also like How to Write Books by the aforementioned Stephen King. In it, the author told how long ago he had an attraction to writing, how long he walked towards the goal and how poorly he lived all this time. The book talks about the importance of supporting loved ones, determination, and even about many literary techniques that the writer himself uses.
  • Renowned science fiction writer Ray Bradbury has outlined his life stories in Zen in the Art of Book Writing. In a short autobiography, the author talks about his difficult life, love for his work, and sources of inspiration.

Summing it up

The question of finding a profession is unlikely to ever completely exhaust itself. The main thing is not to be afraid to choose and look for something to which the soul will lie, to study and pump yourself and your skills. Most importantly, don’t give up and give up. It often takes more than a year to find oneself. But the time spent on the path to the profession of a dream is priceless – you get to know yourself, your desires, and interests, one might say, get to know yourself in a new way. Don’t put it off for later. Start now.

Read inspirational books, learn about the life stories of successful people, turn to career guidance – do whatever brings you satisfaction and response in your heart, and move on to your life’s work. Small steps, albeit with stops, albeit sometimes taking a step back. There are no easy paths to a worthy goal, so be ready to search, try and work on yourself.