Professions of the future

Professions of the future

December 23, 2020 0 By Robert

The issue of choosing a profession is acutely faced by a huge number of people, and more often than not, the main criterion in choosing a profession becomes its relevance – will this area not become completely unclaimed in a couple of years? How will it change? Will it disappear altogether? Technological progress does not stand still, new technologies enter our lives every day, and the professions already known to us are changing – simple architects begin to develop “smart” cities, designers take up the virtual environment… How to keep track of innovations and not miscalculate in the choice of future work?

We have compiled for you a list of future professions that will be relevant for several decades to come. Some of them are already actively developing, being introduced into many organizations, while others are just beginning to appear.


A person of this profession is engaged in the analysis of biological data obtained during experiments and develops methods that will later be used to predict genetic diseases, decipher the genetic code, and other medical problems.

Data Scientist

The tasks of this profession include the analysis of various types of data (structured, semi-structured, unstructured), according to which a mathematical model is subsequently built and patterns are found, according to the result of which forecasts are made for, for example, business decisions.

Medical robot operator

A representative of this profession is engaged in programming medical robots.

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Alternative Energy Consultant

Such a specialist studies the issues of restoring the resources of the planet, as well as the creation and active use of new types of fuel – without the cost of the earth’s resource.

Smart Home Infrastructure Designer

This profession consists of installing and configuring a smart home system, with which you can control lighting, heating, security systems, and many home appliances.

Intelligent Control Systems Architect

A specialist in this profession creates software for controlling unmanned vehicles and controls the very process of intelligent systems.

Smart Roads Developer

A professional in this field is engaged in the direct design of roads, drawing markings on them and installing the necessary sensors for further movement on these roads of unmanned vehicles. The result of such work must necessarily comply with safety and environmental requirements.


The profession of a nanocriminalist will be to search for the smallest evidence and traces at crime scenes. For this, most likely, special equipment will be created in the future.


This is a specialist who organizes and conducts various kinds of games and quests: both entertaining and educational, for correction, for example, behavior in a specific situation. Games are designed not only for real but also for virtual space.

3D designer

This is a specialist in three-dimensional graphics who draws, designs, and makes three-dimensional objects move: characters for the game, play space, various models, etc. This profession can be subdivided into three types of activities: 3D visualizer – is directly involved in the creation of models from drawings, 3D animator – creates animation for characters and various objects, 3D modeler – is engaged in the design and detailed study of models.

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Neural Network Designer

A person of this profession creates software for solving problems in the way a person would solve them. His field of activity is quite extensive – it is both scientific research and the entertainment industry.

Cybersecurity Specialist

The task of this profession is to monitor threats to information security and prevent them, to create protection against possible cyber attacks.


This is a specialist in teaching, usually informal – a tutor can include both a tutor for a schoolchild and a coach for, for example, personal growth. In short, this is a teacher who builds an individual program for each of his students.

Digital Marketer

Such a specialist is engaged in the promotion of a product or service through the Internet, social networks, and television.

Network Lawyer

A person of this profession will be engaged in the development of systems and laws for user interaction on the Internet.


This profession, of course, is built on the knowledge of an ordinary psychologist but delves into the very organization of mental processes. We can say that this specialist will study the influence of certain features of the brain on human behavior.

Developer Programmer

This is a specialist capable of developing information systems for businesses and large enterprises.

GMO agronomist

The profession of a GMO agronomist is the cultivation of genetically modified crops – with the help of modern technologies, products with the necessary parameters are created (with the help of genetic engineering, the genes necessary for this are calculated and introduced).

E-Learning Methodist

This education specialist develops learning plans and timetables for schools, colleges, and universities, and creates methodologies that make distance learning clearer, easier, and more accessible.

E-Business Consultant

The main task of such a specialist is to provide competent advice on doing business in an electronic environment. The needs of a particular business are analyzed and optimal solutions are developed for them, if necessary, issues of PR and advertising are discussed.

Digital Producer

The tasks of this specialist include the management of creative programs and projects implemented in the digital environment – on the Internet, mobile applications, various courses, etc.

Intellectual Property Appraiser

This profession is necessary for determining the price of things that have no physical form – for example, an idea, a domain name, a database, and others.

Molecular Nutritionist

This is a doctor who develops an individual diet based on human genetics and the molecular composition of foods.

Remote surgery operator

This specialist doctor is responsible for programming and controlling robots used for various operations.

Synthetic Biology Engineer

Such a specialist is engaged in the creation of biological systems using special equipment. When creating systems, the necessary functions and parameters are set.

Personal Security Designer

This profession is necessary to ensure the personal safety of a person. To do this, the life of the customer is analyzed, and based on the information received, possible risks for him are identified and ways to prevent them are developed.

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Ergonomic designer of robotic systems

This profession is based on programming robots and robotic systems, taking into account the physical and psychological needs of the customer.

Virtual Environment Designer

It can be said that this is the architect of virtuality, the creator of its concept. The profession covers a wide variety of areas: healthcare, education, entertainment, etc.

Media Director

This specialist is engaged in the creation and implementation of various media projects – movies, games, advertising, and more. Combines both acting and directing knowledge and technical knowledge.

Manager of Individual Medical Programs

This is a doctor whose specialty is the analysis of a person’s lifestyle, physical and psychological conditions, and the selection of individual treatment programs for him.

City Farmer

This specialist is engaged in the cultivation of crops directly on the roofs of buildings in large cities (the so-called “vertical farms”).

Smart garbage recycling operator

A person of this profession is engaged in waste processing, but not in the usual way – using special equipment, he extracts energy from waste.

Designer of smart clothes and shoes

A designer of this direction is engaged in the creation of clothes in which there are electronic components (various sensors, microprocessors, and even a Bluetooth module), which, for example, adjust to the weather and count the number of steps.

Body Parts & Organs Creator

This prosthetic specialist designs and creates artificial limbs. Details are designed with great precision and can fully replace a lost body part or even an organ.

Climate Change Specialist

Soon, this profession will allow you to influence the local weather and climate in general. These “operations”, naturally, will not harm the environment.

Drone Pilot

This is one of the areas of aviation – an aviator-pilot remotely controls a drone, processes the data it receives, and plans flight routes.

Quantum Cryptologist

This profession is based on securing communications through quantum physics. To encrypt and decrypt information, a cryptologist must be able to use special codes.


This specialist deals with the regulatory side of transplantation and genetics issues – interference with the genetic code will also require compliance with some laws.

Construction Technology Modernization Specialist

This person is engaged in the implementation of new technologies and trends in construction – for example, the use of new materials, modernization of heating and water supply systems, etc.

Architect of “energy-zero” houses

Soon, it is planned to create “energy-zero” houses that will provide themselves with energy through special processes or use alternative fuels, for example, for heating.

Developer of individual travel systems

This person is engaged in the creation of automated systems for buying tickets, booking hotels, and programs for building an individual travel route.

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In the future, a person of this profession will create algorithms to form an individual “content flow” for each network user, without influencing requests from the outside.

Content Aggregator Editor

This specialist will manage the content through customization of search engines and various other information processors to select the desired content for users.

Media cop

With the help of special programs, this representative of the law looks for violations of the law on the network. One of the brightest representatives of this profession is Roskomnadzor.

Cross-logistics operator

This is a profession in the field of logistics, whose workers choose the best ways to move people and transport goods. Both the mode of transport itself and the routes are selected, the workload of transport hubs is checked.

Systems Mining Engineer

Professionals in this business are engaged in the full cycle of work related to the extraction of minerals.

IT auditor

This person is engaged in diagnostics of information technologies of a particular company, checks how they meet the requirements of the same company.

Space Brand Manager

This specialist creates an image for the virtual space, that is, he brings in the messages that a specific virtual territory should carry.

Moderator of the platform for communication with government agencies

A profession is necessary to organize a conversation between officials and people who turn to them.


This doctor creates biological products – drugs with certain properties, which are based on entire biological systems.