Strong summary

Strong summary

January 31, 2021 0 By Robert

A strong resume is a must for successful employment and is your first and most important step on the road to finding a job. Therefore, it is so important to correctly draw up this document and correctly position yourself as a professional, to distinguish yourself against the background of other applicants. Below, we present 10 ingredients for a strong resume that will help you unleash your potential in front of recruiters.

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Correct positioning

Decide what vacancy you are applying for and how you will position yourself. Many people have only one resume and send it to various vacancies, but this is wrong – in the labor market, first of all, you need to be able to adapt.

Correctly selected photo

Be sure to add your photo, this is a very important factor in employment. The ability to immediately see a potential employee creates a certain degree of trust in the employer, and he will be more willing to contact you. Remember: a photo should be chosen in a restrained style, it should show not just a person, but a specialist.


Try to make your resume as easy to read as possible. Undeciphered abbreviations, jerky sentences, and an overabundance of formatting can complicate perception. Use subheadings and lists, structure information, and use a standard font. It is also important to keep your resume compact – you shouldn’t make it more than two pages.

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Visual Achievements

Your career results should be as informative as possible. It is very important to provide specific examples and figures. They should also at least indirectly relate to the field in which you are going to work, demonstrate your professional competence.

Additional education

Everyone knows that a resume needs to indicate higher or secondary specialized education, but very few applicants remember the courses or seminars they have taken. If they emphasize your knowledge, training, this information will definitely not be superfluous. On the contrary, it will help a lot.

A detailed description of work experience

In the “Work experience” section, you can even include work that is not included in your workbook. The main thing is to indicate the responsibilities that are relevant for a new potential position. For example, if you have ever worked in a taxi service, this information will not be useful when applying for a job as a proofreader. Try to indicate as much relevant data as possible – it is they that create the image of an experienced specialist.

Atypical personality traits

Recruiters have seen hundreds of resumes for “stress-resistant” and “responsible” job seekers. Don’t be afraid to express yourself differently, describe yourself more interestingly. This will make the resume more “alive”, and the section “Personality” will stop being a boring listing of epithets.

Additional information

Some people do not know what to write in this section: some start to describe their life path, while others completely ignore this point. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to talk about skills such as PC or language skills, if needed. Also, if necessary, information about the presence of a driver’s license is entered here.

Check your resume for errors

Agree, incorrect spelling and punctuation in a business document is unlikely to make a good impression, regardless of the vacancy. Try to proofread what is written well, if necessary, use special services or help from friends.

Cover letter for resume

Don’t forget to write a cover letter – this is a sign of good manners and encourages the employer to read your resume. The letter can emphasize your motivation and skills that allow you to apply for the position.

With these 10 building blocks, you can write a really strong resume. When it has already been sent to the employer, all that remains is to wait for the coveted call!